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Behind the Scenes

A lot goes on behind the scenes for Talvista Lodge to run smoothly. Our family lives here year round and loves every minute of it. Most supplies are hauled in by snow machines in the winter. It is between 60-90 miles one way, depending on the route, to get to our truck and another 40 miles to the nearest town. We are responsible for installing and maintaining over 40 miles of the winter trail system including 16 miles of the historic Iditarod Trail. Winter temperatures run between -45 and +20 with snow accumulation between 15-25 feet. Our nearest year-round neighbor is 11 miles as the crow flies. Twice a year, totaling 12-20 weeks, we are in complete isolation while the rivers are freezing or thawing. Planning ahead is necessary not only for the lodge to operate successfully, but also for our family’s survival.

Talvista Lodge operates a winter business between approximately January 1st and March 31. We open as soon as we put our trails in connecting to the Mat-Su River Trail System and ends when the weather warms and the trails degrade. We provide food, fuel, and lodging to travellers as well as participating in several winter events. Throughout the entire winter we are freighting in all materials necessary to operate the lodge and support our family for an entire year, maintaining our winter trail system, gathering firewood to heat the lodge, and caring for the many guests who stay with us to enjoy the surrounding winter wonderland. We haul in over 20,000 pounds in fuel, food, and supplies and put up to 6000 miles on a single snow machine in a winter season.

Talvista Lodge operates a summer business mid-June through the end of September. We have fishermen from around the world stay with us each year. We have perishable food items flown in fresh each week on floatplanes or make the 180 mile round-trip by boat.

Living in the remote Alaskan wilderness isn’t for everyone. Countless people make the decision to move remote every year and most return to town shaking their heads vowing never to return to the woods. Not everyone is equipped to live an isolated lifestyle with a constant battle against nature. Extreme temperatures, wildlife, and tough terrain act as a screening process and those who make it out here wear it like a badge of honor. It is a hard life where most of the time you are working just to survive, but a life filled with satisfaction and happiness for those willing to work for it.

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