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We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any other questions.

How do I get to Talvista Lodge?

Floatplane or ski-plane is the most popular method. Most local air taxi companies are familiar with Talvista Lodge and know exactly how to get you here. We use Rust’s Flying Service and Regal Air in Anchorage, Willow Air and Denali Flying Service in Willow, and Alaska West Air in Kenai. Land in the canyon on the Skwentna River in the summer or out our front door on the snow runway in the winter.

What amenities do you have at the lodge?

Talvista Lodge offers all the amenities you will find in town. We have generator-powered electricity, indoor plumbing, satellite tv, telephone, and wi-fi internet. Cell phones only work at the lodge if you have an Alaskan cell service provider (sorry the big national carriers don’t work this far from town).

Do you provide all fishing gear?

Talvista Lodge provides all fishing equipment down to the fly or lure. You will need to bring your own waders and wading boots. You are not required to use our gear and are welcome to bring your own. We have a fully stocked fly-tying desk at your disposal.

Do you have mosquitos, black flies, or other biting bugs?

A local homesteader once said to us “We don’t have a single mosquito, they are all married!” We have mosquitos throughout the summer who are joined in August by white-sock gnats. Some years are buggy years and some are almost bugless. We recommend bringing 100% DEET in case it is buggy and hope it is one of the summers you won’t need to use it.

Will I see the Northern Lights while I am at the lodge?

This depends on the time of year you are here. We have viewed the lights at the lodge faintly as early as August or in full bloom throughout the entire winter. You will not see the northern lights if you are fishing with us during king season because we have 24 hour daylight during this time of year.

Are you near the saltwater for halibut fishing?

We are not located near the coast but can recommend halibut charters before or after your time at the lodge.

Do I need to have a reservation to stay at Talvista Lodge?

In the winter, reservations are recommended but drop-ins are welcome too. We always suggest calling ahead for availability, trail reports, and to give us the heads up to expect you. Because we are so remote and things can go wrong on the trail, it is nice to know you have someone expecting you who will come find you on the trail if you don’t arrive. In the summer, reservations are required for overnight stays. 

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